In-Depth Toolkit

New Release - October 2016:
You'll see some changes in the Charts section. Check the training for a step by step guide.

What is the IDT?

The In-depth Toolkit offers journalists a set of tools for adding simple data-visualisations and quizzes to their content.

The formats are quick to create and work on the News, Sport and Newsbeat sites - as well as supporting all World Service languages.

Get started

Registration is simple - authorisation from a human is required, so registrations only happen during working hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5).

You must register in order to use the toolkit, even if you are already an iSite or CPS user.

Step 1: Click this IDT link, then fill in the 'Request Access' form and hit Submit.

Step 2: A member of the IDT team will complete the process and send you a confirmation email. You are now registered.

You are now all set go to the toolkit.

What can I make?

IDT content examples

The IDT formats below can be added to your content as Dynamic Includes on CPS pages and images also are available for non CPS platforms: