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May 2018: IDT quizzes and other content are now available for /programmes pages. See Quizzes page for guide to embedding.
March 2018: Work is progressing on the next phase for IDT. We're working with our external partner Isotoma to help us move the tools to a new architecture, update the user experience of the tools and ensure greater integration across all digital output. We hope to be releasing new-look tools throughout the Summer.

What is the IDT?

The In-depth Toolkit offers journalists a set of tools for adding simple data-visualisations and quizzes to their content.

The formats are quick to create and work on the News, Sport and Newsbeat sites - as well as supporting all World Service languages.

Get Started

Registration is simple - authorisation from a human is required and registrations only happen at specific times: (10am and 3pm Mon-Fri).

You must register in order to use the toolkit, even if you are already an iSite or CPS user.

Step 1: Click this IDT link, then fill in the 'Request Access' form and hit Submit.

Step 2: A member of the IDT team will complete the process and send you a confirmation email. You are now registered.

You are now all set go to the toolkit.

What can I make?

IDT content examples
  • Simple Data-Visualisations: Simple charts and graphs tool for all journalists to present their data visually. How to make a chart

  • Quizzes: Quick-to-author multiple choice quizzes that increase engagement and participaction. How to make a quiz

  • Datapics/Quotepics: A simple way to give numbers and quotes extra impact in your story. How to Make a Datapic

If you'd like to see a feature or enhancement added to IDT, then please email, and describe what you need and why.

IDT Help

IDT is used by hundreds of journalists across the BBC in the UK and abroad. We want people's experience of using the toolkit to be as trouble free as possible, but bugs and issues will occasionally occur. Below are the some of the things we know about and a our contact details if you need to get in touch.


  • I don't have access to the IDT project in iSite2:

    Please visit the IDT project page on iSite and complete the signup form - just give us a reason for using IDT and click Submit. Once this is done, the IDT team can complete the process and send you a confimation email. You can then start creating IDT content.
  • I receive a 500 error, when I try to use the IDT tools on iSite2:

    Your email is not appearing on our 'whitelist' of users. Send your full name and email to and request to be added to the whitelist.
  • The IDT previews in iSite2 are not working for me:

    If you can create IDT content, but can't preview it, then please tell us that previews are not working, with a link, by sending an email to
  • Adding the IDT content to your CPS story:

    Copy the 'include path' from iSite2. Then in CPS, click the ''Insert” button on the top right and select “Include File” from the drop down menu. In the box that appears, add a title, then paste the include path into the lower text field in the include box.
  • Can I have multiple IDT includes on a single page?

    Yes you can. Just add each IDT include path as separate includes in CPS.
  • Where do I report problems?

    Email us, with your full name, email, a description of the problem, and a screenshot (if possible), at Note: Check that the problem you are experiencing only affects IDT content itself, iSite or CPS content with IDT includes added.
  • Is IDT content available in all BBC supported languages?

    Yes - there are options to choose the 'service' or language that you need - for DataPics and Image Slider this option is found in the iSite form under 'Service’, for Quizzes under ‘Service Language’. For charts, you can select the desired language in the top-left of the chart creator interface (Step 3: Build your chart).

Known Issues

Here are the known issues with IDT, which are logged and will be resolved in future.

Chart Issues

  • When adding chart data, the data fields must contain numbers only; no commas, etc. For languages: when using decimal numbers, input dots not commas. The commas will show in the chart once you set your language service in “Step 3: Build your chart”
  • Vertical Bar charts with long label names will not display well on mobile screens. Use Horizontal Bar charts when possible.
  • Bar charts generally should not have more than 10 data points, or things get squashed!
  • If your chart does not appear in the Chart Editor, please re-check your data (also, see next point).
  • When you export a csv directly from Microsoft Excel, they will occasionally become corrupted when they are uploaded to datasets. This is due to Microsoft’s particular way of rendering csvs. We have the issue logged, but in the meantime, we recommend exporting CSVs from Google Spreadsheets rather than Excel as this fixes the problem.
  • Using CSVs generated from Google Spreadsheet would also ensure that accents will show correctly in the chart.
  • If the Image Generator does not work: have you published the chart? Publish it!

DataPic Issues

  • On mobile the image on the right will be cut off or hide. To avoid this, add the datapics to CPS as an image, produced through the Image generator, rather than as an include.
  • When making your DataPics, aligning your chosen image correctly is trial and error.
  • You may need to resize or re-crop your image using an image editing tool, so it appears in the DataPic as you'd like.
  • Portrait images are currently not suitable, and will leave blank spaces in the DataPic.
  • If the Image Generator does not work: have you published the chart? Publish it!

Quiz Issues

  • Quizzes will not display at all if you leave any questions, answers or feedback empty!
  • The custom share message currently does not work well for right-to-left languages.

Image Slider Issues

  • When you make changes to the second image or the text on the second image the preview might not reflect those changes: we are working on fixing the bug. Be reassured, that once you add the include to CPS this displays correctly nevertheless.

Report a problem

IDT Support Diagram

If you can't see or access iSite at all, please contact

If you are sure the problem is with IDT content, and have read the Known Issues and FAQs, then please send an email to and tell us about the problem:

  1. Describe what you were trying to do, and how you tried to do it.
  2. Don't forget to tell us about the language or service you're publishing to.
  3. Describe the issue as best as you can - copy & paste it or take a screenshot, if possible.